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The Little One

This is the start of reinvention of myself for the changing times. Times I never foreseen coming and in the most unexpected way. As Bob Dylan once said These Times Are A Changing!

This is the start of a journey and what a journey it has become with technology  changing so quickly. Everyday something changes and being from the old school it can be quit nerve racking , sometimes nerve racking. To say the least. But I shall give it Hell as some would say!

Being from the background that I come from, the Home Building industry this is a whole new world to me.

After the hateful collapse of the economy I had to look toward a different direction. No work seemed to be coming from any future days ahead. So here I am with so much that has changed in the past few years it can be confusing trying to understand it all that has happened.

My partner and I adopted her granddaughter years ago who just happened to be autistic and medically needy. Being born at such a early term she was born with G.E.R.D. and could not hold fluids down which in turn would fill her lungs with fluid. Can’t imagine drowning in your own fluid.

She happened to stay in the prenatal ICU for a term of eleven months. Weighing in at a total of 26 ounces, she was a tiny little thing.

With the adoption came the end of working for my other half due to so many doctor appointments. Having to be fed through a feeding tube by a pump for seven years took a toll on us in ways we never dreamed of.

Eating habits almost came to a complete halt due to the lack of leisure time we were use to having and boy did we love to cook and eat.




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